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Sunday, September 25, 2005

New Haven, CT
The Playwright Pub & Restaurant is located in New Haven across the street from the Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale. It was built in a renovated building by various members of the Guilfoyle family who are from Kilkenny, Ireland. Its decor is dominated by massive chunks of architecture rescued from ancient buildings in the British Isles. The main bar looks like a Gothic altar; the deejay booth is hidden behind a pulpit built in 1885; the arched windows on the building's facade once graced a chapel in Wales. When the Guilfoyles went on their trip to Brittain to find decorative architectural treasures in abandoned churches, cathedrals and schools for this bar, they rescued at least one sentimental artifact as well: the double doors to the Guilfoyles' great-grandparents' house, which they installed near the back bar and now affectionately refer to as "Granny's doors". (Photo by Bill Owens)
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