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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Saratoga, CA
This door doesn't get the first price in a beauty contest, but it is a door that fits this town Saratoga. This city has a history of going with the latest trend instead of having it's own identity. The area was first inhabited by Indians who had built their homes near the mouth of the canyon at what an early map noted as Campbell's Gap. Then in 1850-51, when Martin McCarty, who had leased a sawmill, built a toll road connecting it to the village, this site was called Toll Gate. A post office was built in 1855 and got the name McCartysville. In the industrial heyday a few factories were built here and the post office was named Bank Mills in 1863. Later -with the discovery of mineral springs with a content similar to that of Congress Spring at Saratoga Springs, New York- it was renamed to Saratoga. I wonder what the next name change will be since it is nicely located at the edge of Silicon Valley.. how about Googleville?
posted by /T/ at 8:47 AM