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Friday, September 16, 2005

San Carlos, CA
This is the front door of one of the four buildings named Hacienda Gardens, on San Carlos Ave in San Carlos. The Hacienda Gardens were built in 1931 as residences in a beautiful mission style completely restored to now serve as office space. San Carlos has a history that goes back to the first known inhabitants, the Ohlone Indians. Life abruptly and dramatically changed for the native people, when Spanish military and civilian settlers arrived. But it took some few centuries before the City of San Carlos was founded. With the coming of the railroad, three attempts were made to develop a town. First, in 1888, the San Carlos Land Company tried to subdivide and sell lots on the lands once owned by T.G. Phelps. In 1907, the San Carlos Park Syndicate used an elaborate sales campaign to try to make San Carlos a second Hillsborough, calling the area Oak Park. Mr. Frederick Drake, of the Mercantile Trust arrived in 1917, taking over the San Carlos Park Syndicate. He was more successful in developing San Carlos. He improved the water supply and piped water to the lots; he installed gas and electricity, and paved the streets. And at that time the Spanish style cottages were built.
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