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Friday, December 09, 2005

Naples, NY
This is the front entrance to the Widmer Wine Cellars in Naples, NY. A century-old winery, Widmer is now part of the largest wine conglomerate in the United States (Constellation Wines), but more interesting is its history. John Jacob Widmer, founder of Widmer's Wine Cellars, came to Naples from Switzerland in 1882 and planted his first vines in Naples Valley in Spring 1883. During the years of Prohibition, Widmer's Wine Cellars produced unfermented grape juice, fruit and wine jellies, syrups and kindred non-alcoholic products. A limited amount of wine was produced too, for sacramental and medicinal use. Their grape juice barrels were sold with instructions of how "not" to make wine with it. Widmer wines maintain an acknowledged position in the American wine industry. Photo by Cheryl Harris.
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