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Thursday, November 24, 2005

London, England
This door leads you to the Royal Exchange in London. The Royal Exchange was founded in 1565 by Sir Thomas Gresham to act as a centre of commerce for the city. The design was inspired by a bourse Gresham had seen in Antwerp. The Royal Exchange was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth I who awarded the building its Royal title, on January 23, 1571. The Great Fire of London destroyed the original building in 1566 and the rebuilt echange got destroyed in a fire in 1838. The current structure was designed by Sir William Tite, and was opened by Queen Victoria on October 28, 1844, though trading did not commence until January 1, 1845. The Royal Exchange ceased to act as a centre of commerce in 1939, and is now a luxurious shopping centre. Photo by Micelle Mitchell.
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