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Friday, October 07, 2005

Alnö, Sweden
This door can be found on the Swedish island Alnö just off the coast from Sundsvall in Sweden. It's a door to one of the many farm homes on the island. It was in a shape that I couldn't resist taking a photo off.
The people of Alnö proudly calls their island "Norrlands Hawaii" -where Norrland means the northern part of Sweden- because of the many beaches and bathing places on the island. Personally, being several times on Hawaii and on Alnö, I am not sure if that is an appropriate name. Ok the summers are beautiful and there is plenty of beach weather, but the summers last only a few months and the winters.. well with temperatures well below zero and snow and ice everywhere, I am not so sure if they still qualify for that title.
posted by /T/ at 7:10 PM