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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hatcher Pass, AK
In February of 1942, a small 12’ x 12’ lodge was built six miles below Independence Mine, AK. Since the building was too close to the river it was moved to its present site where it was known for many years as the Little Susitna Roadhouse. In 1943 it was enlarged to 12’ x 24’, and two years later, the upstairs was added. In 1984 the two large wings were added to the original structure, and it was named the Mother Lode Saloon and Cookhouse. The Mother Lode closed in 1987 and sat vacant until April of 1991, when local resident, Jill Reese under the name of Motherlode Lodge, reopened it. Photo was sent in by Bill Owens. Visit the Motherlode Lodge at motherlodelodge.com
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